Partner & Affiliate Programs

Are you interested in making money, promoting your business, and delighting travelers with the ultimate souvenir?

Our partner program is for businesses that want their own beautiful set of custom postcards for customers to add their photos to and purchase right in our app. We make the cards for you and provide marketing materials. You earn 50% of the profits on every sale and promote your business with a lasting memento.

Our affiliate program is for businesses and individuals in the travel industry who want to promote Postcardgram’s built in library of beautiful postcard designs, to delight their customers and make money. You earn $0.75 - $1.50 of every card sold!

Both programs are easy to set up and are designed to create magical moments for our customers and significant revenue for our partners & affiliates.

How it works

  1. You recommend Postcardgram’s app filled with awesome local borders and give customers a discount code for 20% off.

  2. When the customer buys a Postcardgram with your discount code you earn a percentage of the sale.

  3. Happy customer. Money in your pocket.


  • We work with tours of all kinds, attractions, events, conferences, weddings and more!
  • We create beautiful card designs for you. Your customers can order and personalize them in the app.
  • We provide posters, sales displays, and more to help you sell your set of souvenirs.
  • Postcardgram turns your customers into your marketers!


  • We work with business and individual guides who want to earn additional revenue.
  • We have thousands of designs for locations worldwide.
  • We provide posters, clipboards, and more to help you promote and sell the product.
  • Getting setup can be as simple as hanging a poster we provide, or mentioning postcards on your tour.

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